This coop is designed with a flower bed build in for and estectics look on your back garden. had a lot of people are tide up for space this fits lovely in small places on your garden the run is built under the coop which geos up to the main room for the chickens this as an access door on the side for easy cleaning..

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2-4 large fowl/ 2-8 bantam Chicken Coop and Run with planter these are constructed from pressure treated timber and the run is constructed with 2x2 frame and 19g mesh this is a very sturdy and well built coop made to last the coop can be easily dismantled without the use of tools to make cleaning really easy and quick. Also all the perches,flooring partitions can be lifted out and all the roof can be lifted off leaving just the four walls so is very easy to do a deep clean and to check for redmite so can be treated before it becomes a problem like with most coops that can not be taken apart. The coop can be closed off by sliding the floor section in that is accessible from the side of the coop and there is a lift up roof to access the nest box to collect eggs also a drop down side to carry out cleaning. The coop comes with a planter that can also be lifted off the planter is lined a the base slightly angled to a drain to the front of the planter so the timber is not in direst contact with the soil and allows drainage for the soil plants do not come included with the coop. There is a fully sheltered run measuring 1200mm x 900mm and 600mm height and has a side access door the coop is 940mm x 850m and over all height of the product is 1850mm the planter measures 950mm x 400mm.


Is £50 any where in the uk and will be delivered on a pallet part assembled they will require minimal assembling upon delivery usually 12 screws to attach the nest box roofs then everything else just slots on instructions will be provided. All product are strapped securely to an oversized pallet so there is no protruding edges to prevent damage and are wrapped fully to keep dry and everything in place. Please inspect product upon delivery before signing for as once you have signed we can not accept any claims after as this is the couriers policy