The coop stands at just over 6ft which gives you plenty of space to walk in the run area for easy access from the coop. the tray comes out the back and there's a dust bath underneath the coop as this coop. half the run is covered with onduline with gives plenty of shelter for the chickens and the dust bath.

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Large Tanalised Raised Chicken Coop

(Chicken Guard Automatic Door Not Included)


Coop - Width:1.65 Depth:0.95m Height:1.8m

Run - width: 0.95 Depth: 3m Height 1.8m

Fits up to 10 Large Fowl / 18 Bantams

3x roosting bars measuring 90cm this allows space for 10 large fowl these require around 25cm roosting space per bird or 18 bantams these require around 15cm roosting space per bird. The run also has 3x 90cm roosting bars to create additional space.

2x Nestboxes each containing 2 nesting spaces so 4 in total these measure 30cm x 30cm so gives adequate space for large birds


Frame is constructed from 45mm x 45mm tanalised timber and cladded with 12mm tanalised matchboard cladding so no need for any further treatment or paint for many years to come. Our products are roofed using bitumen onduline sheets which are very robust and hard wearing and does not harbour redmite like felt does, it also allows for ventilation through the eaves of the roof and nest boxes roof. The base of the dropping board and also the nesting box base and inserts are 6mm marine ply and are fully removable for cleaning.

The run is constructed from 25x38 tanalised timber with part corrugated onduline roof and fitted with 19g wire weld mesh to make it fox proof.

Cleaning Features

This coop has been designed to be dismantled as easily and quickly as possible without the use of any tools to make it as simple as possible to clean weather that been just a quick spot clean or removing all the fittings to allow for a deep clean without having to climb inside to reach awkward hard to reach places like on other coops. To do this you simply lift of the ramp slide out the dropping board, hook up the nest box roofs to hold them up with the galvanised chains fitted to the coop the perches and nest boxes simply lift of and the inserts can be lifted it if the nest boxes then the roof section also just lifts off two people may be need for this as it is a large section NO TOOLS REQUIRED this leaves you with just the four wall section so can be hosed out if wanted and allowed to dry as it’s all well open to then easily assembled back together.


All the eaves and nest boxes roof have ventilation and we have 1 sliding vent fitted to the rear of the coop this can be adjusted depending on how hot a day it is or closed fully to keep warmth in.

Add Ons

All out products can be tailored to suit your requirements they are all made in-house by ourselves so time can be taken to make them suit your specific needs so feel free to ask us any questions regarding

Here are some extras that can be added:

• Automatic Door Opener

•Aluminium Locking Door

• Run and Enclosures

• Wheels

• Additional Nest Boxes and Perches

• Cedar Shingle Roofs

• Fox Proof Run Mesh Skirts

• Dust baths

• Onduline roofed feed holders

These are just a few just get in touch with anything you require and I’m sure we can help.


Is £50 any where in the uk and will be delivered on a pallet part assembled they will require minimal assembling upon delivery usually 12 screws to attach the nest box roofs then everything else just slots on instructions will be provided. All product are strapped securely to an oversized pallet so there is no protruding edges to prevent damage and are wrapped fully to keep dry and everything in place. Please inspect product upon delivery before signing for as once you have signed we can not accept any claims after as this is the couriers policy